IQ140以上を保証する 託児型知能教育

TOE stands for Timing of Education.For English speaker

Looking after the children
under the age of 3

We have our original style of looking after those under 3.

In order to achieve this, we need to understand their behaviors and the motives behind their behaviors. Children under 3 act of instinct(primal reflexes). They do not understand casual relationships between two or more things. Therefore, they do not intend to misbehave even though, to us, they might sometimes seem to be so.
It is important that we support these acts of instinct( such as searching and imitating).
We follow a system with the following points:

  • To not scold children
  • To not give them orders
  • To not direct them to do something
  • To not show negative attitudes towards them or make denials
  • To not test them

As the children do not understand why they are being disciplined, there is not meaning of disciplined.
Moreover, though they are yet to understand relationships between two or more things, they do understand we are angry or showing negative attitudes towards them. Therefore, they remember our negative attitudes and by their imitating reflex, the might imitate the same acts to others. Even if children do something different from what we offer and move around, let them be as they are curious about something else(we are encouraging their curiosity and they will learn from their actions anyway).

01. Prepare the environment

We try to avoid the situation where we have to discipline as best as we can.

We need to try and anticipate their react move or action.

Eg, the things which you do not want them to touch should be put out of their reach.

02. Be a positive role model

Children imitate whatever we do, therefore, we should lead by example so that they may follow our lead with their good behaviors.


TOE Academy is a very pleasant place to work. Teachers are enjoying interacting with children and being part of our friendly team. Our focus and priority is to nuture children in a comfortable English speaking environment where they listen to and speak in English in a natural way.

About TOE Academy(TOE stands for Timing of Education.)

TOE Academy is managed by EDIQ Ltd.
EDIQ Ltd is a part of the TOEZ group company which manages the TOE Baby Park.
TOE Academy follows the Baby Park method.

2-5 Metrocity-kodemma Bld.7F, Nihombashi-kodemmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0001, Japan


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